Spargo Salon & Day Spa
Come and see why Spargo means comfort.

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Spargo's location at 1001 Cecelia Dr, was selected, designed and built specifically for Spargo with unique design, architecture and amenities. The layout, architecture and decorations, were inspired by several trips around the world to some of the top Spas and historical areas and actually is designed after a Pompeiian "Peristyle house".

HAVE (Ha ve') is engraved on the front door, symbolizing that patrons are welcome and safe and was typically imprinted at many front doors of homes in ancient Rome. The upper level Salon area reflects the peristylium, which was the large open garden of a Roman house. Unwind in our very unique and newly designed shampoo area which is surrounded by a unique glass radius waterfall.

The lower level Spa architecture continues to emulate a wealthy Roman house. The central Spa waiting area imitates the central Atrium with an Impluvium (hole in roof to collect rain water), which is where all rooms are connected. Relax in multiple waiting areas and atriums, including a private outdoor veranda. Spargo offers many distinctive spa services rooms including our Signature "Augustus" Double Massage Room.

1001 Cecelia Drive • Pewaukee, WI 53072 • Ph 262.695.7400