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How Spargo Began and its history

In 1999, the idea of Spargo originated at a bar with several close friends who were hair stylists discussing how they loved their careers but were disgruntled with their employers. We began pondering the idea of starting a new salon. From the meeting in 1999, the core group invited other professionals into our idea of a new Salon/Spa. That idea grew into a reality in July 2000. Since day one, as a team, we have exceeded our growth in all areas and truly sapped the physical capabilities of our original location, prompting the initiative to expand Spargo.

Spargo's main differentiator is our people. It may sound cliché', but all of us are in fact best friends. We work together and have a great deal of fun together. It is our culture to have several social events together, many not sanctioned by Spargo. New employees tend to be current friends, family or are referred by Spargo's employees. Our customers recognize and compliment us on the genuine happiness and cheerfulness of our employees and our atmosphere. -->

About the New Location

Spargo's location at 1001 Cecelia Dr, was specially selected, designed and built specifically for Spargo by members of our family with consistent feedback from customers and partners. Completely customized and personal in the design, architecture and amenities; Spargo promises to be one the top Salon and Day Spa's in the Midwest.

The layout, architecture and decorations, were inspired by several trips around the world to some of the top Spas and historical areas and actually is designed after a Pompeiian "Peristyle house" (Domus). Being fascinated by history, a trip to Pompeii and ancient Roman history moved me. The Roman contribution to Spa living through their Bath Houses inspired my design for the new Spargo.

HAVE (Ha ve') is engraved on the front door, symbolizing that patrons are welcome and safe and was typically imprinted at many front doors of homes in ancient Rome. The upper level Salon area reflects the peristylium, which was a large open garden area in the back of the house surrounded by columns, waterfalls and ponds, which served for entertaining guests. You will come to see my love of water. I wanted it to be a major contribution to our atmosphere. (As a side note, today, the average family uses about 23 gallons of water a day, in ancient Rome; the average family would use over 60 gallons of water a day.)

The lower level Spa architecture continues to emulate a wealthy Roman house. The central Spa waiting area imitates the central Atrium with an Impluvium (hole in roof to collect rain water), which is where all rooms are connected. Unlike modern houses, a typical Roman house was inward-facing, light and air entered through the atrium, and all rooms connected through the atrium with very few windows. The wall waterfall was inspired by an old building in Milan, Italy. I have acquired several Roman artifacts which I am proud to display, which add to the atmosphere of an ancient Spa environment.

Each Service / Treatment Room is identified by the name of a Roman emperor who has built significant public baths or made notable efforts to expand the spa life style.

Relax in multiple waiting areas and atriums, including a private outdoor veranda. Unwind in our very unique and newly designed shampoo area; a true "hair experience". Cascading waterfalls surround you as you recline in our multi-comfort chairs that both heat and massage you while your hair and scalp get cleansed and conditioned.

Spargo is elegantly decorated with several pieces of original artwork by renowned US artist Scott Wallis, as well as incorporating several original Roman artifacts and antiquities complementing the old world Mediterranean design. Several custom water features blend into Spargo's environment offering a unique visual and calming atmosphere. Spargo's new design maintains the current salon al fresco design of curved stations that customer's love and enhances it by offering private and open spaces for hair clients.

Spargo offers a complete selection of spa and salon services, including couples services in our Signature "Augustus" Room. Customers can immerse themselves in the sensual experience of a Kohler Overflow S?k Tub while the fireplace's warmth and glow against the arched ceiling adds to the elegance and romance.

As an owner, I have put my heart and soul into our new project and am extremely proud and excited to now offer it to you.

Doug Saloga
Spargo Salon & Spa, LLC

1001 Cecelia Drive • Pewaukee, WI 53072 • Ph 262.695.7400